Women in Green's response to the false report of “IMEMC News” by Ghassan Bannouna of Thursday, March 8,2012, entitled:"Israeli settlers uproot and take 100 olive trees owned by Palestinian farmers"

(see report below)


The article should really be entitled:

"Tens of Norwegian anti-Israeli JAI activists plant trees in Netzer on Israeli land,

to help Arabs steal land from the Jewish People"


And now for the facts:

We, the Jewish People, are embroiled in an ongoing battle for reclamation of our land, our historic birthright, the Land of Israel.

The Jewish People are, and have been, the indigenous inhabitants of the Land of Israel for over 4000 years. We have been continuously present here, in greater or lesser numbers, despite enforced exile and dispossession by a series of foreign invaders and conquerors – with the Arabs and Moslems only the latest in a long line.


With the advent of the national liberation movement of Zionism, and with the help of G-d, the Jewish People have returned to our G-d given biblical Homeland, especially to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria,where the very first Jewish "settlers" lived thousands of years ago- Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and later the Judges, Kings, Priests and Sages of our people. At a time when Europe was still a forested haven for primitive tribes, and Islam did not yet exist, Jews flourished in their homeland and developed the spiritual and ethical heritage that has transformed human civilization. 


Today's 750,000 Jewish residents living in Judea and Samaria should not be labeled "settlers", which is a mistranslation of the Hebrew "mitnachalim", but rather "heirs" or "inheritors" of the land. We have been here for over 4000 years and we are here to stay. In contrast, as Joan Peters points out throughout her lengthy and well-documented book “From Time Immemorial”, almost all the Arabs living in Israel or in Judea and Samaria, are not “native” to the land, but rather immigrants from Syria and Saudi Arabia attracted by the Zionist return and economic development of the Land of Israel.


In a conference held in Tul Karem in 2010, Salem Fayyad called for the planting of ten million trees: "The great challenge against the occupation and the settlements is to increase the investment and agriculture on the lands in area C."  As you might know, since the infamous Oslo agreements in 1993, in which Israel sadly abandoned large parts of Judea and Samaria to the control of the Palestinian Authority ,the area has been divided into area A, B and C. Areas A and B-which include the Arab cities and villages-  are unfortunately totally controlled by the Palestinian Authority. Area C which includes the Jewish communities, the hills in between the communities and the roads, is Israeli controlled. That is where the Arabs are waging a battle to take over all the as yet undeveloped public lands.


Our organization, Women for Israel's Tomorrow-Women in Green is dedicated to safeguarding our homeland, and combatting the organized Arab trespass that seeks to take control of Israel's public lands. The Arabs do this both by massive illegal construction of thousands of houses on state lands in Israeli controlled area "C", and by an agricultural jihad, in which the Arabs, backed by almost unlimited international financing, steal lands by cultivating them. Their goal is clear: an Arab takeover of all the areas between the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, in order to choke them and prevent their growth.


For the past few years our organization is trying to stop and block this Arab take-over of public, nonprivate lands - by planting trees on those barren plots, so as to reclaim them for the Jewish People. We operate in accordance with up-to-date maps that delineate all the public lands. We do not plant on privately-owned land. Moreover, we do not claim personal ownership of the land,or even of the trees that we plant. We have only one aim: the safeguarding of lands that belong to the Jewish People, for our children and all future generations.


Our Arab enemies, backed by the UN, the Palestinian Authority and leftist international anti-Israeli organizations, come almost every day, and –in broad daylight - uproot the trees that were planted by Jews on public lands. They burn and destroy irrigation systems, and they physically attack those Jews working in the fields.


That is what happened this past Wednesday, 7-3-2012,when tens of Norwegian JAI activists joined our Arab enemies, and came by bus to Netzer, in the heart of Gush Etzion, a 15 minute drive south of Jerusalem, between the Jewish communities of Elazar and Alon Shvut. They travelled halfway across the world in order to illegally plant tens of trees on a plot of public - not private- land, where Jews had planted months ago.  Arabs had subsequently uprooted all the Jewish trees, and then invited the JAI activists to plant there in order to steal that land away from the Jews and the Jewish state.  If it is true that the trees that were illegally planted by the radical JAI activists have now been uprooted, as mentioned in the IMEMC report, we applaud that and thank those who upheld the law.


The Arab claiming ownership of that piece of land is simply lying – his so-called documents are either non-existent or fabricated and forged. He is a dangerous and violent man, who was arrested a few months ago after he attacked a Jewish farmer with a hoe, and almost killed him.


The Arabs, and Moslems, of course, are fighting for far more than the possession of this or that piece of land – they aim for nothing less than the destruction of the State of Israel. Extremist anti-Israeli organizations like JAI and many others, knowingly and deliberately support this planned destruction, by denying the Jewish People's connection to their homeland, and often by delegitimizing the very existence of Israel as the Jewish State . They certainly do not accept any Jewish presence in Israel's biblical homeland, and thus collaborate with the Arabs to do all they can to steal the Jews' land and to expel them.


That is why I told the group of young Norwegian radicals: "the generation of your grandparents helped the Nazis kill the generation of my grandparents. Now you once again are on the wrong side, you  are helping those who want to destroy the Jewish State, you are helping those Arabs who want to finish off what the Nazis did not finish - the destruction of the  Jewish People by destroying the Jewish State. You are collaborators. Read history books. Learn the facts. Wake up and realize that you are shooting yourself in the foot. One of the slogans in the Palestinian Authority is "First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People". First they want to get rid of the Jews; then of the Christians. The real war in the Middle East is not about this or that settlement. It is a war of Islam against Western Civilization. The Arabs want to take over Judea and Samaria in order to destroy all of Israel, as a first step. The next step will be a jihad by millions of their followers in Europe to turnEurope into Eurabia.” 


Thus,when we fight for the right of the Jewish People for its Biblical Homeland, we also fight for the survival of western civilization.

When the European Union, the UN, Oxfam and any other organization, funds the Arabs with million of dollars for illegal Arab construction and agriculture -it really is in order to help the Arabs in their quest to destroyIsrael. More and more Europeans are starting to realize this and understand that they need to defend Israel's right to its Biblical Homeland, in order for them to safeguard their own  European countries from Arab and Moslem take-over.


By the way, there is no greater proof of the disingenuousness and hypocrisy of these young radicals,  and their European “peace” activist backers, than the fact that they pour their time and money into false Arab land claims in Judea and Samaria, and blithely ignore the slaughter of thousands of civilians by the murderous Assad regime.  The agenda of these so-called humanists stands revealed: pure unadulterated hatred of Jews, and collaboration with the genocidal enemies of Jews, the Arab successors and students of the Nazis.  The shameful record of the large majority of the  Norwegian populace under Quisling in the Nazi period, where their indifference and hatred of their Jewish neighbors allowed the Nazis to deport and murder most of Norway’s 2000+ Jews, stands in clear contrast to the behavior of their Danish neighbors. Many of the grandparents of the modern Norwegian radicals and “humanists” were anti-semitic and morally inadequate, and many of their children and grandchildren are, sadly, worse – they replace indifference to genocide with active assistance to those who support terror and murder of Jews.


As our Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu has said: "2012 is not 1944". We would like to add: Not only are we not going to allow Ahmedinajad to nuke us; we are also not going to allow the Arabs to take away our land. We are here to stay, in our G-d given Biblical Homeland.

The time has come for the government of Israel to unequivocally establish the true status of Judea and Samaria, and to apply Israeli law.

We are not deterred by the consequences of such a move, including the possibility of granting citizenship to those Arabs of Judea and Samaria who will pledge loyalty to the State and its laws. Israeli sovereignty throughout the entire Land of Israel is the one and only Israeli alternative. 


In every generation, each individual and every nation has to decide whose side they want to be on. On the side of the Hitlers, the Ahmedinajads, the Assads, ElKayeeda, Fatah-Hamas…or on the side of Israel. When you decide, please don't forget  G-d's words in the Bible: 

 "Blessed is everyone who blesses you, OIsrael, and cursed is everyone who curses you." Numbers 24:9


With blessings from Israel,


Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover

Women in Green





Israeli Settlers Uproot and Take 100 Olive Trees Owned By Palestinian Farmers

 Thursday March 08, 2012 12:22 by Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC News
Palestinian farmers, from the southern West Bank villages of Al Khadier and Beit Iskaria, announced that a group of settlers stormed on Thursday morning their lands uprooted 100 young olive trees and took it all away.

JAI olive Planting day with Palestinian children – IMEMC Photos 2010

100 olive trees were part of some 200 trees that were planted on Wednesday by Norwegian students and their teacher from Oslo on Palestinian farmers lands near the illegal Israeli settlement of Aliazar.

On Wednesday morning a group of 11 Norwegian students and their teacher joined Yassin Da'doua on his land to plant 200 olive trees as part of the olive tree planting campaign organized by Joint Advocacy Initiative of East Jerusalem YMCA and YWCA of Palestine.

The group along with the Palestinian farmer and his family managed to plant half of the trees on Wednesday before the leader of the radical settler organization 'Women in Green', Nadia Matar, arrived along with two other Israeli settlers who started taking photos of the young Norwegians. 

“Your grandparents have killed my grandparents in the holocaust and now you are helping the Arabs to steal our land. This is the land for the people of Israel. You are helping the wrong people. You are like the Nazis.” Matar shouted at the Norwegian students. 

After some time Israeli soldiers, military police, and uniform police arrived at the scene and demanded the Palestinians and their friends stop planting the trees and leave the area. The military commander said that the land is owned by the state of Israel; a claim that proven wrong by the Palestinian farmer who has ownership papers from both the Ottoman period and from the Israeli court that state he is the private owner of the land. 

“How can they call me a Nazi? My grandparents fought the Nazis during the second world war,” said one of the Norwegian students responding to Matar comments."

While planting trees continued; troops arrested Sajied Da'doua, 18, who was helping his uncle to plant olive trees on his land. Sources told IMEMC that Sajied could be released with bail today.

Israeli soldiers agreed to allow the Palestinian family to stay but force the Norwegians and their organizers to leave. The group was then escorted by Israeli police back to the nearby entrance of Bethlehem city. 

While the group of students was being lead away from the land by the Israeli police the remaining un-planted olive trees and the tools got confiscated by the army. Today Matar and her group came back and uprooted the planted trees and took them away.

According to the radical Israeli group webpage Women in Green is a registered non-profit organization founded in 1993, and is not affiliated with any political party. Women in Green say they oppose the two-state solution; and end of Israel’s occupation of 967, as well as aggressively supports Israeli settlement of those territories, which Women in Green proposes should be annexed to Israel.

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