Dozens of new trees in Netzer


Under the threats of the planned uprooting in Netzer, today (Friday) dozens of olive trees were planted in Netzer nearNa’tiv Ha’A’vot, the Path of the Patriarchs.


The police, the Administration and the IDF arrived considerably late, just as Ruthi Wolfish’s lesson about Pa’rashat Ha’Sha’vu’a, the Weekly Torah Portion, was beginning. There was nothing for the police left to do but photograph the people and vehicles that had arrived to the location. The policemen were asked what brought them to Netzer. Their response: “To check out the atmosphere”. The activists informed them that there is a healthy Land of Israel atmosphere, welcome to join.


The dozens of people that came did so to identify with the struggle to protect state lands from the Arabs taking over , and to try and understand the motive behind the planned uprooting, given that this sacred work is being done for the State.


Even after the activities ended, people continued to arrive in their vehicles in order to plant and take part in this Zionist act.


The Netzer Gar’in and Women in Green informed the public that “we will continue to plant  and anything else required in order to preserve our lands. The Land of Israel is acquired through devotion, persistence, and dedication."


The event was summarized by MK Prof. Aryeh Eldad who sent a message:

“To all the planters - the truly faithful to the land, in Netzer and in every single site in the Land. He who does not know to fight for his homeland, is undeserving of it. History will judge the warped and heartless that are capable of destroying  Jewish homes and uproot that which has been planted and are willing to allow the Arab enemy to take over the lands of our homeland. Be strong and courageous, for the Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel and we are merely inheriting that which is ours”


Shabbat Shalom