Accepting Bids!


Make a small investment and acquire a small holding in the Land of Israel!


Dear Friends,

For an opening bid of 1500 NIS ($500), you can acquire a beautiful wooden bench on the historic Path of the Patriarchs (Derech Avot) in Gush Etzion.  Ten benches will be situated this week , in honor of Tu Bishvat, among the vineyards planted by us in Netzer over the past two years, to stop the illegal Arab takeover of state lands.

Plaques affixed to the benches will bear the donor’s name and any dedication the donor wishes to make.  The money raised will go towards the redemption of more state lands for the Jewish People and the planting of more vineyards.

Place your bids today by replying to or


Some of the benches "planted" in Netzer